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Charlestowne Area Civic League

Objectives & Purpose

A. The purpose of this League shall be to encourage participation in all activities that have to do with the civic, social, and cultural betterment of the Charlestowne Area.

B. To uphold the principles of good government and take an active interest in the affairs concerning the Charlestowne Area and the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

C. To cooperate with the other organizations engaged in the furthering of civic affairs.


Charlestowne is composed of four subdivisions:

There is also a Charlestowne Lakes South, located a little farther down Centerville Turnpike, but it is not part of our Civic League. For more information concerning Charlestowne Lakes South, check out their website at http://clsouthcl.com.

Quiet Neighborhood

Due to our close proximity to the Christian Broadcasting Network (which is in a No-Fly Zone), we very rarely hear any jet noise either.

Civic League News

Mark Your Calendars

2016 Officers

Our officers for the 2016 year include:


The police are asking for your help regarding the bank robbery on Jan. 8, 2016. The black male suspect ran onto Old Ridge Road moments after robbing the Southern Bank in Woods Corner Shopping Center. PLEASE REVIEW ANY SECURITY CAMERAS YOU MAY HAVE FOR IMAGES OF THE SUSPECT. Contact Detective Croy if you have or think you may have any information at 757 385-8513. The suspect ran onto Old Ridge Road at approximately 10:49 am on Jan. 8, 2016.

The suspect is a black male, wearing a jean jacket over a blue hoodie, torn jeans & a NY ball cap. On Dec. 31, 2015 he walked in and left immediately. At that time he wore a blue hoodie, torn jeans, and a Toronto Blue Jays ball cap. Below are pictures of the suspect. You may click on each one to see a larger image. The top four are from January 8 during the robbery. The bottom two are from his first attempt on December 31, 2015.

face of robbery suspect robbery suspect at counter robbery suspect robbery suspect
robbery suspect robbery suspect

Share Your Light Night (a.k.a. Santa Parade)

Thank you to our sponsors who made Share Your Light Night possible:

Also thank you to:

We couldn't have done it without you! Next year we hope to have better communication between the celebration stations and Santa, so everyone knows where he is and when he is expected to arrive.

Time for Dues!

Dues are $15 per year per family, due in January. The money goes toward the entrance signs (repair and landscaping around them), the newsletters, Neighborhood Watch, annual picnics, Share Your Light Night, neighborhood clean-up supplies, advertisement for our yard sales & meetings, and CCO dues, among other things. It is a small investment for a nicer neighborhood!

Click the "Buy Now" button to pay with PayPal, or send a check made out to CACL to Cecile Tedesco at 1821 Roves Lane.

Newsletter Ads

Would you like to run an ad in our newsletter and support the civic league at the same time? We have decided to increase the size of our newsletter to allow for more news and more ads. Contact Mary Ann Milinazzo, if interested at (757) 479-1159.

Price of Ads:

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