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Charlestowne Area Civic League

Objectives & Purpose

A. The purpose of this League shall be to encourage participation in all activities that have to do with the civic, social, and cultural betterment of the Charlestowne Area.

B. To uphold the principles of good government and take an active interest in the affairs concerning the Charlestowne Area and the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

C. To cooperate with the other organizations engaged in the furthering of civic affairs.


Charlestowne is composed of four subdivisions:

There is also a Charlestowne Lakes South, located a little farther down Centerville Turnpike, but it is not part of our Civic League. For more information concerning Charlestowne Lakes South, check out their website at http://clsouthcl.com.

Civic League News

Mark Your Calendars

Walmart Plans

Mr. Rob Shinn, a representative from Walmart, was the guest speaker at our last civic league meeting. He told us about the Walmart Neighborhood Market that is being built at Woods Corner Shopping Center, where the old Farm Fresh store used to be. They are projecting to have it open by November or December of this year, providing 95 new jobs there. They intend to open up the entrance from Old Ridge, including putting in a sidewalk to the store, with a 4-5' berm with bushes and other plants to screen the side facing Old Ridge. The fence that has been taken down will not be replaced, though the fence behind the rest of the stores will most likely stay up. They have no plans at this time for any new traffic lights, though community leaders are trying to get one at Old Ridge.

For copies of the displays presented at the civic league meeting, click on the following:

Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

Thank you to all who showed up to help clean up the neighborhood. It was evident that people are working at picking up trash at other times. We picked up 25 bags of trash this past month, as opposed to 104 bags last fall. Good job, people! Let's keep Charlestowne beautiful!

Community Picnic

Our Annual Community Picnic was a lot of fun. We held it at Woodstock Park on May 17th and had over 30 people in attendance, including Councilman Bob Dyer. There was plenty of food and fellowship, and the weather was clear though slightly on the cool side. You may view pictures of the event HERE.

Civic League Meeting

There will be no civic league meeting in July, unless something urgent comes up. Enjoy your summer!

Newsletter Ads

Would you like to run an ad in our newsletter and support the civic league at the same time? We have decided to increase the size of our newsletter to allow for more news and more ads. Contact Mary Ann Milinazzo, if interested at (757) 479-1159.

Price of Ads:


If you would like to receive a paperless copy of the newsletter, please email Charlene Geiger at cgeiger7@verizon.net. The civic league will place your address on the paperless newsletter list. You will not receive any other emails - it will only be used to deliver the newsletter.

The May 2014 issue of our Charlestowne Neighborhood Newsletter is available to view on the CIVIC LEAGUE/NEWSLETTER page.

Independence Day Decorations

We will be selling American flags for $1 each to decorate the neighborhood for the Fourth of July. Contact Charlene Geiger at cgeiger7@verizon.net if you would like to buy some. What a wonderful way to show support for our country!

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